Author Xavier Neal Book List

Dec 182020
Xavier Neal

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Author Xavier Neal Book List

Standalone Books
Sleigh Bride (Mistletoe Montana Book 12)
Hike, Hike, Baby
Part Of The List
Just So Far Away
Just Out of Reach
The Gamble
Can’t Match This
Walking Away
Already Written

The Bennett Duet
1 Dark Ruler
2 Dark Reign

The Hockey Gods Series
1 Can’t Block My Love
2 My Fair Puck Bunny
3 The Forward Must Cry
4 Defenseman No. 9

The Culture Blind Series
1 Redneck Romeo
2 Cowboy Casanova
3 Horseback Hero

Private Series
1 Private
2 Public
3 Personal

Rub Me Series
1 Rub Me The Right Way
2 Rub Me The Wrong Way
3 Rub Me All The Way

Senses Series
Vital (FREE Prequel) (Maxx & Logan)
Blind (Maxx & Logan)
Deaf (Maxx & Logan)
Numb (Maxx & Logan)
Hush (Maxx & Logan)
Savor (Maxx & Logan)
Callous (C.J. & Erin)
Agonize (Tony & Lex)
Suffocate (Luke & Stuart)
Mollify (Dean & Megan)
Blur (Maxx & Logan)
Blear (Maxx & Logan)
Blare (Maxx & Logan)

Havoc Series
1 Havoc
2 Chaos
3 Insanity
4 Collapse
5 Devastate

The Bro Series
1 The Substitute
2 The Hacker
3 The Suit
4 The Chef

Camelot Misfits MC Series
1 King’s Return
2 King’s Conquest
3 King’s Legacy
4 Wiz’s Remedy

Adrenaline Series
1 Classic
2 Vintage
3 Masterpiece
4 Unmask
5 Error
6 Iconic

Blue Dream Series
1 Blue Dream
2 Purple Haze

Must Love Series
1 Must Love Hogs
2 Must Love Jogs
3 Must Love Pogs
4 Must Love Logs

Duched Series
1 Duched
2 Royally Duched
3 Royally Duched Up

The South Haven Crew Series
1 Already Designed

Synful Syndicate Series
1 Unleashed

Prince of Tease Series
1 Prince Arik
2 Prince Hunter
3 Prince Brock
4 Prince Chance


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