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Aug 252019

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Standalone Books
The Not-Outcast
Micaela’s Big Bad
Rich Prick
Ryan’s Bed
Hate to Love You
Home Tears
Brady Remington Landed Me in Jail
The Boy I Grew Up With (SPIN-OFF NOVELS FROM THE FALLEN CREST SERIES, (Heather Jax and Channing Monroe)
Bad Boy Brody
Home Torn

Bennett Mafia
Bennett Mafia
Jonah Bennett

*brand new trilogy
1 The Insiders – May 4, 2021.

Fallen Crest High Series
0.5 Mason
1 Fallen Crest High
2 Fallen Crest Family
2.1 Fallen Crest Alternative Version
3 Fallen Crest Public
4 Fallen Fourth Down
5 Fallen Crest University
5.25 Fallen Crest Christmas
5.5 Logan Kade
6 Fallen Crest Home
7 Fallen Crest Forever
7.1 Fallen Crest Extras
7.5 Fallen Crest Nightmare: A Fallen Crest Novella
Fallen Crest Campout (A Fallen Crest/Crew crossover novella)

Crew Series, SPIN-OFF NOVELS FROM THE FALLEN CREST SERIES – (Roussou series, centers around Bren Monroe)
1 Crew
2 Crew Princess
3 Always Crew

Rich Prick


Broken and Screwed Series
**Sustain is a spin off with characters seen in this series (possibly to be followed by Elijah’s book)”
1 Broken and Screwed
2 Broken and Screwed 2

Carter Reed Series
1 Carter Reed
2 Carter Reed 2

Jaded Series
1 Jaded
2 Still Jaded
3 Jaden

A Whole New Crowd Series
0.5 The Original Crowd
1 A Whole New Crowd
2 Sentiment Lost

The Immortal Prophecy Series
1 Davy Harwood
2 Davy Harwood in Transition
3 Davina


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