Author Tate James Book List

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Author Tate James Book List

Standalone Books
HATE: A Madison Kate Story

The Royal Trials Series
1 Imposter
2 Seeker
3 Heir

Royals of Arbon Academy
1 Princess Ballot

Kit Davenport Series
1 The Vixen’s Lead
2 The Dragon’s Wing
3 The Tiger’s Ambush
4 The Viper’s Nest
5 The Crow’s Murder
6 The Alpha’s Pack

Hijinks Harem Series
1 Elements of Mischief
2 Elements of Ruin
3 Elements of Desire

Dark Legacy series
1 Broken Wings
2 Broken Trust
3 Broken Legacy

Forgotten Gods
1 Feral Magic

Undercover Sinners
1 Altered by Fire
2 Altered by Lead

Foxfire Burning Series
1 The Nine
2 The Tail Game


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