Author Sara Ney Book List

Dec 292019

Author Sara Ney Book List

Standalone Books
Love, Sincerely, Yours

The Bachelor Club Series
1 Bastard Bachelor Society
2 Bachelor Boss

How to Date a Douchebag Series
1 The Studying Hours
2 The Failing Hours
3 The Learning Hours
4 The Coaching Hours
5 The Lying Hours
6 The Teaching Hours

Jock Hard Series
0.5 Switch Hitter
1 Jock Row
2 Jock Rule
2.5 Switch Bidder
3 Jock Road

Kiss and Make Up Series
1 Kissing in Cars
2 He Kissed Me First
3 A Kiss Like This

#ThreeLittleLies Series
1 Things Liars Say
2 Things Liars Hide
3 Things Liars Fake


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