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Apr 242019
Kristen Ashley

Below is the current list of books reviewed on this website, cover reveals, blurbs, excerpts all by Author Kristen Ashley

The Rising Series – A spin-off of Fantasyland Series, these tales take place across the Green Sea and tell the stories of four heroines, and four heroes, who need to come together to save their continent from the rising of an ancient, dread, unstoppable Beast.

Dream Series

Based in Denver, the Rock Chick Series is eight books and several novellas that take you on the wild ride of the courtships of the Rock Chicks and the Hot Bunch.

The Colorado Mountain Series takes place in two fictional Colorado towns situated close to each other, Gnaw Bone and Carnal. This series that will be eight novels follows the stories of eight connected men on their rocky road to second chances.

The series follows the stories of Holden “Max” Maxwell, Tatum “Tate” Jackson, Tyrell “Ty” Walker, Chace Keaton, Graham Reece, Deke Hightower, Jacob Decker and Coal “Wood” Blackwood

Moonlight and Motor Oil Series

Honey Series


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