Author K Webster Book List

Mar 272021
K Webster

Author K Webster Book List

Standalone Books
Madmen of Moscow (dark MMF mafia romance standalone spinoff from The V Games world)
Triple Threat
Feuds and Reckless Fury
Delinquent Demons (Paranormal Prison)
Bossy Mr. Frosty
Bond Deeper Than Blood
He Made Me Stay
Shift of Morals (Kingdom of Wolves Book 5)
No Tears with Him
Cocksure Ace: A Hero Club Novel
Paused to Prolific
Cognati: An Inferno World Novel
Cold Queen
Dr. Dan
Wicked Lies Boys Tell
Bidding for Keeps: A Sexy Reunion Romance (Sorority Secrets)
Surviving Harley
A Merry Christmas with Judy
Cold Cole Heart
Gluttony (The Elite Seven Book 5)
Greed (The Elite Seven Book 7)
Camden (Four Sons Book 4)
Sunshine and the Stalker
Sundays are for Hangovers
El Malo
Pearson (Four Fathers Book 3)
My Torin
Ex-Rated Attraction
The Day She Cried
Schooled by a Senior
Whispers and the Roars
Mad Sea
Untimely You
Sweet Jayne
Zeke’s Eden: The Beginning
Dirty Ugly Toy
Give Me Yesterday
Running Free (Woodland Creek)
Blue Hill Blood
The Road Back to Us
Moth to a Flame
Love and Law
Apartment 2B

Cinderella Series – boxset Skyscraper Cinderella
1 Stroke of Midnight
2 Prince Charming
3 The Glass Slipper

Brigs Ferry Bay Series
1 Sheriff’s Secret
3 Callan’s Atlas

Torn and Bound Duet
1 Torn Apart
2 Bound Together

Royal Bastards MC: Tulsa, OK Series
1 Koyn
2 Copper
3 Dragon

Hood River Hoodlums Series
1 Hood River
2 Little Hoodlum
3 Campfire Chaos
4 Hood River Zero

The Lost Planet Series
1 The Forgotten Commander
2 The Vanished Specialist
3 The Mad Lieutenant
4 The Uncertain Scientist
5 The Lonely Orphan
6 The Rogue Captain
7 The Determined Hero
8 The Arrogant Genius
Return to The Lost Planet: An Alien Romance Box Set

Truths and Lies Duet
1 Hidden Truths
2 Stolen Lies

Kinky Reads Series
1 Share Me
2 Choke Me
3 Daddy Me
4 Watch Me
5 Hurt Me
6 Play Me

The V Games
1 Vlad
2 Ven
3 Vas

Taboo Treat Series
Lawn Boys
Ex-Rated Attraction
Mr. Blakely
Renner’s Rules
Coach Long
The Glue
Red Hot Winter
Dr. Dan

Pretty Little Dolls Series – boxset
1 Pretty Stolen Dolls
2 Pretty Lost Dolls
3 Pretty New Doll
4 Pretty Broken Dolls

War & Peace Series
This is Love, Baby
This Isn’t Over, Baby
This Isn’t You, Baby
This is Me, Baby
This Isn’t Fair, Baby
This is the End, Baby

2 Lovers Series
1 Text 2 Lovers
2 Hate 2 Lovers
3 Thieves 2 Lovers

Becoming Her Series
1 Becoming Lady Thomas
2 Becoming Countess Dumont
3 Becoming Mrs. Benedict

Alpha & Omega Series
1 Alpha & Omega
2 Omega & Love

Breaking the Rules Series
1 Broken
2 Wrong
3 Scarred
4 Mistake
5 Crushed

The Vegas Aces Series
1 Rock Country
2 Rock Heart
3 Rock Bottom


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