Author Jessica Gadziala Book List

Apr 062021
Jessica Gadziala

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Author Jessica Gadziala Book List

Standalone books
Counterfeit Love
Love and other Nightmares
There Better Be Pie
Ugly Sweater Weather
The Rise of Ferryn
faire l’amour
Escape from the Green
Fix It Up
Don’t Come
A Navesink Bank Christmas
Grudge Match
Dark Horse
Peace, Love, & Macarons
Dark Secrets
Dark Mysteries
Into The Green

Costa Family Series
1 The Woman in the Trunk
2 The Woman in the Back Room

Seven Sins MC Series
1 The Sacrifice
2 The Healer

Golden Glades Henchmen MC Series
1 Huck
2 Che

Grassi Family Series
1 The Woman at the Docks
2 The Woman in the Scope

Professionals Series
1 The Fixer
2 The Ghost
3 The Messenger
4 The General
5 The Babysitter
6 The Middle Man
7 The Negotiator
8 The Client
9 The Cleaner

Rivers Brothers
1 Lift You Up
2 Lock You Down
3 Pull You In

The Henchmen MC Series
1 Reign
2 Cash
3 Wolf
4 Repo
5 Duke
6 Renny
7 Lazarus
8 Pagan
9 Cyrus
10 Edison
11 Reeve
12 Sugar
13 The Fall of V
14 Adler
15 Roderick
16 Virgin
17 Roan
18 Camden
19 West
20 Colson

Henchmen MC Next Generation Series
1 Niro
2 Malcolm
3 Fallon

Reckless Renegades MC
1 Revenge

Investigators Series
14 Weeks
367 Days
4 Months

Stars Landing Series
1 What The Heart Needs
2 What The Heart Wants
3 What The Heart Finds
4 What The Heart Knows
5 The Stars Landing Deviant
6 What the Heart Learns

Mallick Brothers Series
1 Shane
2 Ryan
3 Mark
4 Eli
5 Mallicks

The Surrogate Series
1 The Sex Surrogate
2 Dr. Chase Hudson

Scars Series
1 For A Good Time, Call…
2 Dissent


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