Author Jennifer L. Armentrout Book List

Jan 102020
jennifer armentrout

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Author Jennifer L. Armentrout Book List

Standalone Books
Till Death
Don’t Look Back
The Problem With Forever
If There’s No Tomorrow
The Dead List

Blood And Ash Series
1 From Blood and Ash
2 A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire
3 The Crown of Gilded Bones

Flesh and Fire Series
1 A Shadow in the Ember

Wait For You Series
1 Wait for You
1.5 Trust in Me
2 Be with Me
2.5 The Proposal
3 Stay with Me
4 Fall with Me
4.5 Dream of You
5 Forever with You
6 Fire in You

Lux Series
0.5 Shadows
1 Obsidian
1.5 Oblivion
2 Onyx
2.5 Oblivion II
3 Opal
3.5 Oblivion III
4 Origin
5 Opposition
5.5 The wedding

Origin Series
*lux spinoff
1 The Darkest Star
2 The Burning Shadow
3 The Brightest Night

Covenant Series
0.5 Daimon
1 Half Blood
2 Pure
3 Deity
3.5 Elixir
4 Apollyon
4.5 One and Only
5 Sentinel

Titan series
*covenant spinoff
1 The Return
2 The Power
3 The Struggle
4 The Prophecy

The Dark Element Series
0.5 Bitter Sweet Love
1 White Hot Kiss
2 Stone Cold Touch
3 Every Last Breath

The Harbinger Series
1 Storm and Fury
2 Rage and Ruin
3 Grace and Glory

De Vincent Series
1 Moonlight Sins
2 Moonlight Seduction
3 Moonlight Scandals

Gamble Brothers
1 Tempting the Best Man
2 Tempting the Player
3 Tempting the Bodyguard

Wicked Series
1 Wicked
2 Torn
3 Brave
3.5 The Prince
3.6 The King
The Queen


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