Author Jane Washington Book List

Apr 052021
Jane Washington

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Author Jane Washington Book List

Standalone books
I Am Grey

A Tempest of Shadows series
1 A Tempest of Shadows
2 A City of Whispers
3 A Dream of Embers
4 A Castle of Ash

Curse of the Gods Series
1 Trickery
2 Persuasion
3 Seduction
4 Strength
4.5 Neutral
5 Pain

Bastan Hollow Saga
1 Charming
2 Disobedience

Seraph Black Series
1 Charcoal Tears
2 Watercolour Smile
3 Lead Heart
4 A Portrait of Pain

Beatrice Harrow Series
1 Hereditary
2 The Soulstoy Inheritance


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