Author Interview – Sarina Bowen

Jul 292019
Sarina Bowen

This is our Interview with Author Sarina Bowen. She kindly answered some of our question to try to know her better. Some questions may surprise you, so keep reading!


As a help note, please check our Reading Abbreviations for Romance Books for a more easier use in the Romance language.

1. I can’t imagine how proud you must feel when people tell you how much they liked your books. Have you ever pictured yourself a go-to author along the way?

It’s nice to hear words of praise, but no book is perfect. People also feel very free to tell me when they don’t like a book. And, trust me, it keeps the ego in check!

2. What is your favorite name from all your characters?

Bridger from The Year We Hid Away is my favorite!

3. Strangest place to get a great story out of it?

Hmm. I enjoyed trying to figure out why the DJs at hockey games use the music they use. So I wrote a hockey DJ into The Fifteenth Minute!

4. Any book boyfriend from another author?

I have made it very clear that Dean DiLaurentis from Elle Kennedy’s The Score belongs to me. Other readers can get in line.

5. Favorite gift you received from a fan.

Oh, that’s tricky. I have been given some amazing coffee mugs! There’s one hand-painted mug with Wes and Jamie from Him/Us on it. And another one with my True North books on it!

6. Which female character gets close to your personality?

Hmm. Maybe Rachel in The Accidentals. Or Sadie in Boy Toy.

7. Have you ever dedicated a book to a special person? What was their reaction?

I love to dedicate books to people who help me! I dedicated one to my proofreader. But then I forgot to tell her, and since she always reads the books before they’re published, she didn’t have the finished copy until I mailed it to her weeks later!

8. What was the most difficult thing to write about?

Well, any time you make your character really said, it’s hard. In SUPERFAN something scary happens to Delilah and that was hard to write.

9. I’m Romanian. Have you heard about Romania? There are plenty of books, mostly paranormal that make some references.

I’m sad to say that I don’t know much about Romania. I have read Bram Stoker’s classic, though! But I love to travel so maybe someday I will get there!

Thank you Sarina for your time, it’s really a pleasure reading your work, and thank you for making the world better with your words in it!


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