Author Interview – Meagan Brandy

Jul 232019

This is our Interview with Author Meagan Brandy. She kindly answered some of our question to try to know her better. Some questions may surprise you, so keep reading!


As a help note, please check our Reading Abbreviations for Romance Books for a more easier use in the Romance language.

1. I can’t imagine how proud you must feel when people tell you how much they liked your books. Have you ever pictured yourself a go-to author along the way?

Never in a million years! The honest to God’s truth? When I published my first book, I didn’t think anyone would read it. I truly went in with zero expectations, assuming my friends would read it because the wanted to support me, but I was okay with that, so there was no fear of failure. So, when people took to it, and messages started pouring showing their love for Fumbled Hearts I was truly mind blown. Still, it’s so hard to believe people around the world are reading and enjoying something I created.

2. What is your favorite name from all your characters?

3. Strangest place to get a great story out of it?
It’s funny, my brain functions differently now than before when I wasn’t writing novels. Everything is inspiring in some way. I tend to write youthful characters, ranging from ages 17 to 22, so everywhere I go that I see young couples or athletes or anything of the like, I feel inspired and scenes come to me.

4. Real situations that you integrated in your books?
All my books have pieces of real within them. One that readers will reignite more over another would be in Boys of Brayshaw High. The scene where Raven uses the hose, robbing it around the girl’s neck as a weapon? Well, that happened in real life but much differently! My Uncle was driving by my aunt’s house on his bike and he saw a man trying to break in, so he snuck up behind him with the hose, wrapped him up, and held him there until the police arrived. Crazy, but true!

5. Any book boyfriend from another author?
1000% Dane Kendrick from S.E. Hall’s EMERGE!!!!

6. Favorite gift you received from a fan.
A beautiful notebook meant to inspire more words!

7. Which female character gets close to your personality?
Kalani Embers from Fumbled Hearts, for sure!

8. Have you ever dedicated a book to a special person? What was their reaction?
I have not!

9. Can you remember what book made you love romance novels? Or maybe a movie?
Twilight brought me here.

Thank you Meagan, it’s really a pleasure reading your work, and thank you for making the world better with your words in it!


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