Author Heather Long Book List

Jun 152021
Heather Long

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Author Heather Long Book List

Standalone Books
Hometown Heartbreaker
Her Elite Assets
Space Cowboy Survival Guide
Scent of Madness (Black Hills Wolves #40)
Wolf in Winter Clothing (Black Hills Wolves #35)
What a Wolf Wants (Black Hills Wolves #2)
Haunt Me (Entangled Covet)
Yesterday’s Heroes

82 Street Vandals Series
1 Savage Vandal
2 Vicious Rebel

Sinner’s Keepers Series
1 Kiss of Fate
2 Taste of Karma

Time Captive Series
1 Paused
2 Rewind
3 Fast Forward

Shackled Souls Trilogy
Succubus Chained (Paranormal Prison)
2 Succubus Unchained
3 Succubus Blessed

Untouchable Series
1 Rules and Roses
2 Changes and Chocolates
3 Keys and Kisses
4 Whispers and Wishes
5 Hangovers and Holidays
6 Brazen and Breathless
7 Trials and Tiaras
8 Graduation and Gifts
9 Defiance and Dedication

Heart of the Nebula Series
1 Queenmaker
2 Deal Breaker
3 Throne Taker

Special Forces & Brotherhood Protectors Series
1 Securing Arizona
2 Chasing Katie
3 Guarding Gertrude
4 Protecting Pilar
5 Wrangling Wanda
6 Shielding Shayna
7 Covering Coco
8 Hijacking Holiday

Boomers Series
1 The Judas Contact
2 Deadly Genesis
3 Unstoppable
4 Heroes of Tomorrow

Wolves of Willow Bend Series
0 Wolf at Law
1 Wolf Bite
2 Caged Wolf
3 Wolf Claim
4 Rogue Wolf
5 Bayou Wolf
6 Untamed Wolf
6.5 Wolf with Benefits
7 River Wolf
7.5 Single Wicked Wolf
8 Desert Wolf
9 Snow Wolf
9.5 Wolf on Board
10 Shadow Wolf
10.5 His Moonstruck Wolf
11 Thunder Wolf
12 Ghost Wolf
13 Outlaw Wolves
14 Wolf Unleashed

Fevered Hearts Series
1 Marshal of Hel Dorado
2 Brave are the Lonely
3 Micah & Mrs. Miller
4 A Fistful of Dreams
5 Raising Kane
6 Wanted
7 The Quick and the Fevered
8 A Man Called Wyatt

Madison the Witch Hunter
1 Every Witch Way But Floosey’s
2 Bridget’s Witch’s Diary
3 The Witched Away Bride

Bravo Team WOLF
1 When Danger Bites
2 Bitten Under Fire

Lone Star Leathernecks Series
1 Semper Fi Cowboy
2 As You Were, Cowboy

Tales of the Arcana Royale
1 The Legal Vampire’s Golden Goddess
2 The White Tiger Shifter’s Wild Amazon
3 The Vampire Prince’s Missing Mistress
4 The Witchborn Detective’s Porcelain Prisoner
5 The Greek Hero’s Lost Librarian

Going Royal Series
1 Some Like It Royal
2 Some Like It Scandalous
3 Some Like It Deadly
4 Some Like it Secret
5 Some Like it Easy
6 Her Marine Prince

Chance Monroe Series
1 Earth Witches Aren’t Easy
2 Plan Witch from Out of Town
3 Bad Witch Rising
ROAR 1 Mischief, Mongrels and Mayhem

Love Thieves
1 Catch Me
2 Treasure Me
3 Hunt Me

Always a Marine Series
1 Once Her Man, Always Her Man
2 Retreat Hell! She Just Got Here
3 Tell It To The Marine
4 Proud to Serve Her
5 Her Marine
6 No Regrets, No Surrender
7 The Marine Cowboy
8 The Two and the Proud
9 A Marine and a Gentleman
10 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
11 Combat Barbie
12 What Part of Marine Don’t You Understand?
13 A Marine Affair
14 Marine Ever After
15 Marine in the Wind
16 Marine With Benefits
17 A Marine of Plenty
18 A Candle for a Marine
19 Marine Under the Mistletoe
20 Have Yourself a Marine Christmas
21 Lest Old Marines Be Forgot
22 Her Marine Bodyguard


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