Author Gwyn McNamee Book List

Apr 052021

Author Gwyn McNamee Book List

Standalone books
Dirty Player (Cocky Hero Club)
Filthy Friend (Fury Family #2)
Principal – The Driven World novel
Tiny House, Big Caulk
Billionaire Lumberjack
Fighting for This

The Warren Family Holidays Series
1 Holiday Terminal
2 Holiday Bridal Wave
3 Holiday Fake Date

The Inland Seas Series
1 Squall Line
2 Rogue Wave
3 Safe Harbor
4 Anchor Point
5 Dark Tide

The Deadliest Sin Series
1 Wrath
2 After Wrath
3 Surviving Wrath
4 Envy
5 Bleeding Envy
6 Enduring Envy
7 Lust
8 Embracing Lust
9 Seizing Lust

The Sins of the Mafia (An Inland Seas/Deadliest Sin Series Crossover)
The Sins of the Mafia Collection
The Sins of the Mafia Collection Two

The Hawke Family Series Collections
1 Savage Collision
2 Tortured Skye
3 Stone Sober
4 Building Storm
5 Tainted Saint
6 Steele Resolve
The Hawke Family Collection One: Savage Collision & Tortured Skye

Supernatural Love Stories in the Absurd
1 Parched
2 Cursed
3 Spirited
4 Loched

The Slip Series
1 Dickslip
2 Nipslip
3 Beaver Blunder
The Slip Series Collection


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