Author Ella Fox Book List

Jan 012020
Ella Fox

Author Ella Fox Book List

Standalone Books
All That’s Left to Hold Onto
Until Mallory
Until Twyla
Rated Ex
Out of Formation

Charlotte’s Cove Series
1 Beauty and the Badge

Love Under the Lights
1 Gage
2 Vaughn
3 Adrian

The Cruz Brothers Series
1 I Don’t
2 I Want
3 I Need

Retake Duet Series
1 On the Way Down
2 On the Way Back

The Hart Family Series
1 Broken Hart
2 Shattered Hart
3 Loving Hart
4 Unbroken Hart
5 Missing Hart
6 Finding Hart

Strictly Temporary Series
1 Strictly Temporary – Volume One
2 Strictly Temporary – Volume Two

Renegade Saints Series
1 Picture Perfect
2 Twist of Fate
3 Between Us
4 Something to Believe In

Catch Series
1 Catch My Fall
2 Catch and Release

Deception Series
1 Consequences of Deception

Erotic Intentions
1 Sin’s Temptation


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