Author Eden Butler Book List

Feb 092021

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Author Eden Butler Book List

Standalone Books
Infinite Us
I’ve Seen You Naked and Didn’t Laugh
Platform Four

Saints and Sinners Series
1 Last Love of Luka Hale
2 Roughing the Kicker
3 Offsides

The Carelli Family Saga
1 Smoke
2 Dario
3 Dante
4 Toni

Crimson Cove Series
1 Forgotten Magic

Nailed Down Series
1 Nailed Down
2 Tied Down
3 Kneel Down
4 Stripped Down

The Protocol Series
1 Against Protocol
2 Broken Protocol
3 Final Protocol

God of Rock Series
1 Kneel
2 Beg

Seeking Serenity Series
1 Chasing Serenity
2 Behind the Pitch
3 Finding Serenity
4 Claiming Serenity
5 Catching Serenity
Cavanagh – Serenity Series, Vol I
Cavanagh – Serenity Series, Vol II

Thin Love Series
1 Thin Love
2 My Beloved
3 Thick Love
4 Thick & Thin


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