Author Delancey Stewart Book List

Aug 282021
Delancey Stewart

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Author Delancey Stewart Book List

Standalone books
Hometown Hope: A Small Town Romance Anthology
The Rule Breaker Anthology
Fireproof (The Busy Bean #8)
Mistaken for Love (Love Vixen Book 7)
Take a Chance on Me
Let it Snow
The Glittering Life Of Evie Mckenzie
Mr. Big

Digital Dating Series
1 Texting With the Enemy
2 While You Were Texting
3 Save the Last Text
4 How to Lose a Girl in 10 Texts

Singletree Series
1 Happily Ever His
2 Happily Ever Hers
3 Shaking the Sleigh
4 Second Chance Spring
5 Falling Into Forever
The Singletree Collection 1
The Singletree Collection 2

Kings Grove Series
1 When We Let Go
2 Open Your Eyes
3 When We Fall
4 Open Your Heart
Christmas in Kings Grove

Mr. Match Series
1 Scoring a Soulmate
2 Scoring the Keeper’s Sister
3 Scoring a Fake Fiancee
4 Scoring a Prince
5 Scoring with the Boss
Mr. Match: The Boxed Set
7 Scoring a Holiday Match

Under the Pier
1 Without Words
2 Without Promises

Girlfriends of Gotham Series
1 Men and Martinis
2 Highballs in the Hamptons
3 Cosmos and Commitment
The Girlfriends of Gotham Box Set

Starr Ranch Winery
1 Chasing a Starr

Love in the Vines
1 Beyond Redemption
2 Redemption Red

The Company
1 Adagio


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