Author CM Stunich Book List

Oct 272019

Author CM Stunich Book List

Standalone Books
Devils’ Day Party
Becoming us again
Billionaires, Boards and bastards
All For 1
Fuck Valentines day
Baby Girl
Stepbrother Thief – Under Violet Blaze
Stepbrother Inked – Under Violet Blaze
Taming Her Boss
Taboo Unchained
Crushing Summer
Broken Pasts
Hell Inc
She Lies Twisted

The Wicked Wizards of Oz Series

1 Very Bad Wizards

The Havoc Boys Series
1 Havoc at Prescott High
2 Chaos at Prescott High

Rich Boys of Burberry Prep
1 Filthy Rich Boys
2 Bad Bad Blue Blood
3 The Envy Of Idols
4 In the Arms of the Elite

Orientation – The Burberry Prep x Secret Crossover

Adamson All-Boys Academy Series
1 The Secret Girl
2 The ruthless boys
3 The forever crew

Ten Cats Paranormal Society Series
1 Possessed

Hard Rock Roots Series Real Ugly
1 Get Bent
2 Tough Luck
3 Bad Day
4 Born Wrong
5 Dead Serious
6 Doll Face
7 Heart Broke
8 Get Hitched
9 Screw Up

Triple M Series
1 Losing Me, Finding You
2 Loving Me, Trusting You
3 Needing Me, Wanting You
4 Craving Me, Desiring You

Big Girls, bad boys and babies
1 Football Dick

Hers to keep Trilogy
1 Biker Rockstar Billionaire CEO Alpha

Rock-Hard Beautiful Series
1 Groupie
2 Roadie
3 Moxie
4 Reverie

Harem Of Hearts Series
1 Allison’s Adventures in Underland
2 Allison and the Torrid Tea Party
3 Allison Shatters the Looking-Glass

A Duet
Paint me beautiful
Color me pretty

The Seven Mates of Zara Wolf Series

1 Pack Ebon Red
2 Pack Violet Shadow
3 Pack Obsidian Gold
4 Pack Ivory Emerald
5. Pack Amber Ash
6. Pack Azure Frost
7. Pack Crimson Dusk

The Academy of Spirits and Shadows Series

Tasting Never Series
Tasting Never
Finding Never
Keeping Never
Never Can Tell
Never Let Go
Never Did Say
Never Could Stop

Foxfire Burning Series
The Nine
The Tail Game

Wild Hunt Motorcycle Club Series

Dark Glitter
Cruel Glamour
#3 last TBN

Five Forgotten Souls Series
Beautiful Survivors
Alluring Outcasts

The Bad Nanny Trilogy
Bad Nanny
Good Boyfriend
Great Husband

Mafia Queen Series

Death by Daybreak MC Series
I Was Born Ruined
I am Dressed in Sin
I Will Revel in Glory

The Family Spells Series
The Family Spells
What The Hex

Howling Holidays Series, on Amazon as Holiday Kisses includes the 4 holidays A Werewolf Christmas
A Werewolf New Year’s
A Werewolf Valentine’s
A Werewolf St. Patrick’s Day
5. A Werewolf Spring Break

Sirens of a sinful sea
Previously published as The Huntswomen Trilogy
Under the Wild Waves (Previously Published as ‘The Feed
TBA (Previously Announced as ‘The Hunt’
3. TBA(Previously Announced as ‘The Throne

The Three Courts of Faerie
1 Gray and Graves

Bad Boys MC Trilogy – On Amazon as Alpha Wolves MC
1. Raw and Dirty
2. Risky and Wild
3. Savage and Racy
4 Glacier can be read as Standalone or book 4
Clockwork Phoenix ”
Indigo & Iris”

Hijinks Harem
1 Elements of Ruin
2 Elements of Ruin
3 Elements of Desire

Undercover Sinners
1 Altered by fire
2 Altered by lead


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