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Below is the current list of books reviewed on this website.

CM Owens also writes under:

Kristy Cunning for RH Romance

S.T. Abby for Dark themed Romance

There are more reviews coming up, since I read more than I have time to post.

I try to update everything, daily, since I have to keep up with the books coming out and also reading books that are still on my TBR list.

As a help note, please check our Reading Abbreviations for Romance Books for a more easier use.

The Wild Ones Series:

*NO cliffhanger
*Stand-alone book
*Sexual Content
*Adult language
*Completely, 100% crazy

The Sterling Shore Series:

Dual POV
Descriptive Sex
Language not suitable for some audiences
The most hilarious series ever written, and it gets better and better starting book 4

All The Pretty Monsters Series

**Written under Pen Name Kristy Cunning
**Reverse Harem
**Language warning
**Sexual content
**Dark Humor

Deadly Beauties Series
This Trilogy is one of the earliest books written by Author CM Owens

Daughter Trilogy

Mindf*ck Series – written under Pen Name: S.T. Abby

Standalone books:


Favorite book List

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