Author Christopher Harlan Book List

Jan 132021
Christopher Harlan

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Author Christopher Harlan Book List

Standalone Books
The Boyfriend Designer
The Three Kiss Clause
Secret Keeper
The Me That I Became
The Sick Parents Club

Our Story: an Away From Here Prequel
Away From Here

A Series of Savage Gentleman Series
1 The Savage Gentleman
2 The Savage Sinner
3 A Savage Redemption

The East End Boys series
1 Preacher
2 Disciple

Lords of the Plains Series
1 Ryder’s Edge

Wordsmith Chronicles Series
1 Knight
2 Colton
3 Grayson
4 True North
5 North

New York City’s Finest Series
1 Calem
2 Jesse
3 Quinn
4 Noah
5 Riley

The Impressions Duet
1 Impressions of You
2 Impressions of Me


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