Author Caroline Peckham Book List

Mar 312021
Caroline Peckham

Author Caroline Peckham Book List

Dead Men Walking Series
1 The Death Club
2 Society of Psychos

The Harlequin Crew Series
Devil’s Pass: A Sinners’ Playground Prequel Novella
1 Sinners’ Playground
2 Dead Man’s Isle

Brutal Boys of Everlake Prep Series
1 Kings of Quarantine
2 Kings of Lockdown
3 Kings of Anarchy
4 Queen of Quarantine

Supernatural Prison for Dark Fae Series
1 Caged Wolf (previously known as Darkmore Penitentiary)
2 Alpha Wolf (previously known as Captive Fae)
3 Feral Wolf (previosly known as Darkmore Penitentiary 3)

Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac Series
1 Dark Fae
2 Savage Fae
3 Vicious Fae
4 Broken Fae
5 Warrior Fae

Supernatural Bullies and Beasts Series
0 Zodiac Academy: Origins of an Academy Bully
1 The Awakening
2 Ruthless Fae
3 The Reckoning
4 Shadow Princess
5 Cursed Fates
6 Fated Throne
7 Zodiac Academy 7

Dark Empire Series
1 Beautiful Carnage
2 Beautiful Savage

Cage of Lies Series
1 Rebel Rising

The Devil Heart Boys Series
1 Demon of Mine

Forbidden Fairytales Series
1 Kingdom of Thieves
2 Kingdom of Wishes
3 Kingdom of Shadows
Forbidden Fairytales: The Complete Series

The Vampire Games Series
1 V Games
2 V Games: Fresh From The Grave
3 V Games: Dead Before Dawn
4 Wolf Games
5 Wolf Games: Island of Shade
6 Wolf Games: Severed Fates
7 Hunter Trials
The Vampire Games: Two Complete Seasons

Age of Vampires Series
1 Eternal Reign
2 Eternal Shade
3 Eternal Curse
4 Eternal Vow
5 Eternal Night
6 Eternal Storm
7 Eternal Love
Age of Vampires: The Complete Series

The Rise of Isaac Series
1 Creeping Shadow
2 Bleeding Snow
3 Turning Tide
4 Weeping Sky
5 Failing Light
The Rise of Isaac: The Complete Series (A YA Epic Fantasy)


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