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Across the Horizon
Across the Ring
Savor Me
Twisted Course
The Ways We Lied
What If She Does

The Darkest Sunrise
1 The Darkest Sunrise
2 The Brightest Sunset

On the Ropes Series
1 Fighting Silence
2 Fighting Shadows
3 Fighting Solitude

Wrecked and Ruined Series
1 Changing Course
2 Stolen Course
2.5 Among the Echoes
3 Broken Course

The Retrieval Duet Series
1 Retrieval
2 Transfer

The Fall Up Series
1 The Fall Up
2 The Spiral Down

The Regret Duet Series
1 Written with Regret
2 Written with You

The Truth Duet Series
1 The Truth About Lies
2 The Truth About Us

Guardian Protection Series
1 Singe
2 Thrive
3 Falter
4 Consume
5 Guardian


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