Author Alessandra Torre Book List

Oct 152019
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Author Alessandra Torre Book List

Standalone Books
Black lies
Trophy Wife
Sex Love Repeat
Love, Chloe
Tripping on a Halo
Sinner Sinner
The Ghostwriter

Filthy Vows Series
1 Filthy Vows
2 Twisted Marriage

All In Duet Series
0.5 Rolling the Dice
1 Even Money
2 Double Down

Unzipped Series
1 Love in Lingerie
2 Hidden Seams

Hollywood Dirt Series
1 Hollywood Dirt
1.5 Sole

Innocence Series
1 Blindfolded Innocence
1.5 The Diary of Brad De Luca
2 Masked Innocence
3 End of the Innocence

Deanna Madden Series;

A.R. Torre is a pseudonym of Alessandra Torre
1 The Girl in 6E
2 Do Not Disturb
3 If You Dare


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