Author A.C. Wilds Book List

Sep 152021
A.C. Wilds

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Author A.C. Wilds Book List

Standalone books
Tattooed Enforcer
Into the Wild
Currents: An Everyday Heroes World Novel
Enemies of Desire
Bewitched Arrows
Sinner’s Harem
Lady Luck

Demon Assassin Series
1 Blood Demon
2 Dark Demon
3 Death Demon

Eternal Prison Series
1 Iron Cage

North American Werewolves Series
1 Omega Secrets
2 Omega Christmas
3 Alpha’s Match
4 Beta’s Fight

The Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse Series
1 The Pures

Changer Series
1 Death Card
2 Claiming Death
3 Death Ruins


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